Kangaroo’s Old Lady / Mrs. Santa Wig; Gray Wig


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Old Lady Wig- Grey Wig; This is the Perfect Gray Hair Wig for Any Occasion especially Mrs. Claus Costumes. Out of All Grey Wigs, This is the Nicest For Mrs. Santa Costumes, Theater, Classrooms, Pretend & Play & Dress Up Of All Sorts. Halloween Costume Wig; Out of All the Wigs For Costume Choices, This Is One Of Our Favorite Costume Wigs


  • Halloween Old Lady Wig; Mrs Claus Wig / Mrs Santa Wig; Mrs Santa Claus Wig; Old Lady Bun; Wig Granny Grey
  • Old Granny Wig Gray; Perfect For Halloween Costumes, Ms Santa Wig for Granny Costume, Mrs Santa Costume; Ms Claus, Wig Granny; Adult Grandma Wig for Girls; Great Old Lady Accessories
  • Granny Wigs; One Size Ms Claus Costume Wig or Grandmas Wig Fits All; Women, Kids, Teens, Toddlers and Some Men
  • Grannie Wig; Adult or Kids Mrs Claus Wig For Kids or Adults Is Perfect for Mrs Claus Suit or Ms Claus Suit; Wig Grandma - Wigs Grandma - Grandma Costume - Great for Mrs Santa Suit or Mrs Claus Suit; One Of Our Favorite Costume Wigs; Perfect Out Of All The Wigs For Costume Choices; Perfect Addition to Mrs Santa Claus Costume or Mrs Santa Suit
  • Old Ladies Wig; Granny Bun Wig; Great for Mrs Santa Outfit or Mrs Santa Dress; Goes w/ Mrs Claus Dress; Perfect Grannie Wig For Mrs Claus Costume; Better Than Wigs For Halloween Costumes By Other Manufacturers; Old Lady Bun; Mrs Santa Claus Wig; Great for Mrs Claus Costume or Mrs Santa Costume; Great Ms Santa Wig for Adults or Mrs Santa Kids Wig; Santa Claus Costume Women; Gray Wig or Grey Wig for Old Lady Costume or Old Lady Dress and Looks Good w/ Old Lady Glasses


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